We grow brands through

measured and strategic digital marketing

Indygo Marketing is a boutique digital marketing agency, design studio and consulting agency. We focus on helping emerging brands establish their identity, reach new audiences and convert more customers.

We aim to provide excellent, consistent service and be a turn key solution for our clients. Our team of brand specialists will help you tell your story and define your identity. Get the edge of your competitors and gain market share through campaigns that are strategically placed and measured. 

Start your journey and leverage Indygo Marketings decades of experience growing brands in the most cost effective and meaningful way.

Some of the things we do for our clients

Socia Media Management and Influencer Strategy

We create engaging social media strategies for our clients. In addition to creating all the content to fuel the strategy and ensure daily posting, we source, contract and secure influencers to promote our clients brands. We even handle payment of influencers, so you do not have to worry about payroll, independent contractor forms, etc.

We also coordinate co-branded giveaways to leverage the networks of brands who are non-competing but share a similar target audience.

Email Marketing

Automation and Custom Campaigns are the way to go in order to achieve more conversions on your site. We build automated campaigns that trigger when a user abandons cart, leaves a product page and exits their browser, signs up for a newsletter, and more.

In addition to automation, we send seasonal and promotion campaigns that will help you cross-sell and increase the lifetime value of your products. 

Web Design

We are passionate about good web design. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision for their website. We align on design elements that our clients would like incorporated into their site. We create UX flowcharts to understand what is needed and to understand the big picture on how users will navigate and flow through the site.

After the UX flowchart is finalized, we build full page mockups so you can see what the site will look like before we get to work. We will tweak and adjust as needed and finalize content. After this phase, we construct the website and populate the content on the site.

As a long-term partner, we will analyze the site over time and make adjustments to the site to further increase conversions and ensure a premium user experience. Website that are continuously optimizing, ensure proper SEO is achieved and no conversions are lost.

We design e-commerce, B2B and SaaS websites.

In-House Content Creation

All our packages include content creation. High quality and engaging content is key to any marketing strategy. Our graphic designs, photographers and videographers are put to work to create content that will get your brand noticed and inspire action.

We capture high quality product shots in our studio, so your online store will have consistency and win the trust of consumers. We go into the field to capture original content and edit all photos and videos in house. We even capture adventure style footage with our GoPro Hero5 Black. 

We serve clients from around the world

Indygo Marketing is more than an agency. We are with you every step of the way. We take a consultative approach, employing knowledge from over 10 years of experience working with CPG brands to help grow your brand. Our internal team of designers, photographers and network of specialists are a here to help your brand grow and achieve new heights. 

Our Clients

leverage our

ecommerce experts

We can build and manage your Shopify and BigCommerce Store. Our team of designers know how to create beautiful and engaging sites that will win customers and keep them coming back.

Have an existing store but need a refreshing and new design? We can build upon what you already have and optimize for conversions.

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