Best Free Google Tools to Plan your Keywords: SEO 101

Keywords are important part of optimizing for organic search and realizing the true potential of your paid search campaigns. Doing some Keyword research before you build a webpage, blog post or start a new Google Ads campaign is essential to your SEO strategy. This blog post will break down some free tools from Google that will help you build an informed keyword strategy.


Google Trends

Google Trends is a great tool to understand how keywords are trending. Its also used to understand how your competitor is trending, so feel free to enter in your brand and compare with your competitor (Select the + Compare feature). Use Google Trends to understand which keywords you can utilize for your company or brand and get fresh ideas for your blog and other content opportunities. 

Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google Ads Keyword Planner is one of the best tools for keyword research. Plug in some keywords related to your business and dive in. The more you search with this tool, the better you will understand it- so don’t be intimidated at first. With this tool you will be able to see what it will take for your bid strategy to rank for certain keywords and identify opportunities with high search volume but low top of page bid cost.

Google Trends Correlate

This is one of the best tools for 2019 most brands and companies are overlooking. Using Google Trends Correlate, you will get insight into what people are searching for before they search for your brand or target keyword. Simply enter your keyword into the top form, then select the shift series to -2 weeks to reveal search terms people entered two weeks before they eventually searched for your keyterms. If you can develop content around these “pre-keywords” then you are likely to hit up your target market first, before the competition and dodge the high bidding required to rank for certain keywords. In market, reaching the consumer first is a huge advantage. 

Google Search Console

I’m always surprised by how many people use Google Analytics, but do not use Google Search Console. I personally find tremendous value with Google Search Console. Although this is not a keyword tool, you will definitely gain insights with this Google Product. Google Search Console shows you what queries people are typing into search engines and discovering your website. (Go to Performance then Select Queries). This will help you identify potential keyword opportunities where you can plus up some of your content to gain even more results in search. Google Analytics makes it easy to link Google Search Console to your sight, so if you are using Analytics already- you are already one step there. I definitely recommend Google Tag Manager to manage all your tags linked to your site.

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