Know where you are driving to before you start

Every great campaign starts with collaboration and research.

Before you set off with social media ads, you must know your target audience and the competitive landscape. We work closely with our clients during this phase to understand what makes their brand or product unique from the competition. We analyze market research and look to identify any opportunities in the market for your brand to make its mark.

Collaboration is the first step.


We work closely with our clients to undertand their unique challenges and results they would like to see on their campaign. We travel to meet our clients and/or welcome them to our HQ in Bend, Oregon where we have a full office session and next day a “Mountain Meeting” either skiiing, snowboarding or hiking. 

Next, we dive into research.


After the collaboration phase, we enter into a period of research. This allows us to make data-informed decisions while crafting the strategy. Research tactics include looking at at Nielsen reports, conduct focus groups and hiring expert consultants.

Strategy Deliverables to steer your brand in the right direction.


Common strategy deliverables include user profiels, SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, content strategies and creative campaign decks. The strategy helps identify a path to content creation, which is the next essential step in executing campaigns. 

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