Product and Package Design

We love working on product and packaging design products. Whether you are creating a new brand, or want to give your current brand a fresh update, let Indygo Marketing give your brand the presence it deserves. Attract your target audience with compelling designs that showcase your brand voice.

Pharaoh: a luxurious soap bar brand that will stand out on the shelf

Aria: a bath and skincare line focused on Italian ingredients

Uvita: a chocolate bar brand evoking carribean flavors and design.

Metta Farms: an organic nut milk line

Berry Bomb: a playful jam brand

Apex: an advanced nutritional supplement line

Saphir: a French luxury water brand

Bleaf: a super antioxidant juice brand

logo design and

brand identity boards

As part of the branding process, all clients are given a Brand Identity Board as part of the Style Guide deliverable. The Brand Identity Board helps guide future projects, ensuring everything you due stays true to the brand. Having a cohesive identity and voice is key to winning consumers and building a strong brand.

Brand Identity Board