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Complete Social Media Management- from Ads to Influencers.


We build social media ads. Our process of targeting and channeling users down the marketing funnel is highly effective in growing brand awareness and sales. In addition to ads, we post content everyday for our clients. We run stories and source and manage influencer activations. We also employ social listening software to moderate the conversation around your brand on social. Engaging with your audience is key to social media success.

Creating Search Ads that deliver, without over-spending


Did you know Google Ads can spend 30% more than the budget you set? Our digital ads specialists make sure we do not spend over budget- while ensuring your ads show for the most relevant keywords and search queries. That’s why DesignRush rated Indygo Marketing as one of the Best Paid Media Agencies in 2019. 

Email is an effective way to increase conversions.


A compelling email strategy is essential to any brand. Email is highly effective at increasing user retention and basket conversions. Reduce abandonded cart and browser by reminding your subscribers about what your brand has to offer. 

We manage and optimize E-Commerce Stores- including Amazon.


We update Shopify sites with seasonal and fresh content. Our in-house team creates new product shots and graphic designed materials to revolve your hero images and let customers know about your latest offerings. Have a product on Amazon? Let us manage your Amazon store and watch your sales increase.

We build beautiful and UX friendly sites rich with SEO.


We build Shopify and WordPress sites from scratch- or can update an existing site. Our team of web designers are user experience obsessed- while ensuring your site is SEO ready. We employ split testing and user testing after sites launch- to make sure we are catching every detail which could make your site convert and engage better with the user.

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