Social Media Marketing for Small Business: Instagram Feed Inspiration

Small businesses sometimes struggle when it comes to social media. With millions of accounts on Facebook and Instagram, making a splash can seem like a daunting project. This blog post will help you get started on creating a cohesive Instagram feed to help you gain followers and increase engagement.

Plan your feed's content in advance.

Getting organized and planning your feed at least 2 weeks in advance (I prefer to do 30 days worth of content) is key to not only save time and automate the process, but also so you can get a bird’s eye view of your overarching strategy. With Instagram, your feed should look curated- almost like a gallery. If you are posting content which looks and feels like an ad, it is most likely going to be scrolled by without much notice from your followers.

I use photoshop to plan my feeds, however there are some user friendly apps out there that can achieve the same goal.

I recommend the Preview App and Buffer. Both have free options which will likely suit your business just fine. I prefer Buffer slightly over Preview- as it comes with the ability to also schedule content for Stories. However, Preview lets you view your content as it will appear on the grid once all uploaded- which is quite nice.


Decide on a theme and be consistent with your content and posting schedule.

The most popular Instagram feeds all have one thing in common-a theme. 

Here are some examples of themes:

Color Theme Feed:

Grid // Puzzle Layout Feed:

This type of feed will have to be created all at once- in Photoshop or similar design software. You will then have to export (If using Photoshop export the slices using the Save as Web export function) or upload the full image into an app that will slice it up for you. 

Center Line Feed:

As you upload, you will notice that the line will not stay in the middle. To achieve this center line as a constant, you will have to upload three photos at a time.

Monochrome Feed:

You can use BeFunky to quickly change your photos into monochrome. There is also a wide variety of free apps you can download as well.

Checkerboard Feed:

As with the center line feed theme, your grid will be all mixed up unless you upload three photos at a time or within a short period of time if you prefer to space the posts out.

Horizontal Lines Feed:

These themes are here to give you inspiration for your Instagram feed. The best 'grams are ones that have their own look and feel... authenticity is the most important theme you could ever have for your brand.

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