NCM Motorsports Park

A world class racetrack in the land of Corvettes

The run down:

NCM Motorsports Park is a world class motorsports park in Bowling Green, KY. Their website need a complete redesign and they were on the heels of a major launch. The new C8 Corvette was just released and NCM Motorsports Park was receiving a fleet of them. This would be the core part of their new product, the C8 Experience. NCM Motorsports Park hired Indygo for a new website, but also to create compelling content which would help them promote the new C8 Experience.

C8 Corvette Stingray Z51

Ever dreamed of driving America’s Sports Car? How about on a race track? Indygo felt the best way to advertise the new C8 Experience at NCM Motorsports Park would be through a series of exciting videos. The Indygo team traveled to Bowling Green, KY to capture the photo and video content to fuel social media ads and support the new web design.

Creative Direction

Black and white photography with subject in color.


On a four day shoot, the Indygo team captured footage to promote the C8 Corvette Experience, Track Rental Events, Karting, and Private Coaching.

Website Design

NCM Motorsports Park had a lot of pages and information to relay. We combined pages and redesigned their site map. With a new sleek design focused on providing a smooth UX and clear navigation towards pages. The video we took on our shoot placed front and center on the site and across the “Experience” pages.


On-Going Management