A new way to shop for seafood

The run down:

Oceanbox is innovating the way we shop for seafood- fresh from the ocean to your doorstep in only two days. Tasked with growing the brand, indygo set out to create content which would help users understand the benefits of shopping for seafood via a subscription model. Armed with impactful content, indygo employed the social media strategy and paid media strategy to bring new customers to the brand. After a series of successful ad campaigns, Oceanbox has achieved new benchmarks in revenue and continues to use indygo to execute their marketing strategies.

Content Creation

Indygo plans monthly shoots to capture lifestyle content to feature Oceanbox seafood in a setting the user can relate to. We shoot content in our studio and lifestyle shoots with talent. Content is used across social media, email campaigns and website. In addition to shooting photography Indygo also shoots video. The video assets are used for Social Media Ad Campaigns.

Package Design

We gave Oceanbox a fresh upgrade from the brown bo with a clean and modern design- more reflective of their high end brand and overall creative direction.

Website Design

Indygo recently provided Oceanbox with new website design in conjunction with the launch of their new feature- buy one box or subscribe. The new Oceanbox.com is still in development.


On-Going Management