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Case Study: Hana Nai'a Hawaii

Our work has propelled CPG brands to new heights.

Take our client, Hana Nai’a Hawaii for example. We increased their Amazon sales by 128% and their Shopify D2C sales by 136% in only 5 months. We created a full 360º marketing strategy that included social media and influencer strategies, complete redesign of their Shopify site, Amazon listing optimization and PPC advertising- with high quality content creation at the heart of every initiative.

This client is a great example of when you employ a 360º approach to marketing- consistency across all channels leaves the consumer with a strong impression of who and what your brand stands for.

We designed a new Shopify site, with a clean interface to increase user flow.
Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) design for Amazon product listings.
product photography
We took new product shots in our studio to help elevate the commerce experience.
Hawaiian Oils Family Photo
Typographic and hand drawn botanical elements are used to support the brand voice and provide consistency in style across channels.
We mockup 30 days worth of content so we can see the overall look and feel of the brand's social media when viewed together. This ensures consistency and produces an beautiful experience for followers.

We focused on brand building- created an unique aesthetic which would be mirrored across all channels- creating a cohesive and clearly identifiable brand style and voice.

This new brand style was elevated with strategic social media paid campaigns, creating unique ad sets catering to every level of the consumer journey:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

Our Monthly Retainer includes all content creation including graphic design, photography and video.

Our monthly retainer clients receive full marketing support:

content creation

social media managment

Web design

pay per click

Our in house photographers will capture unique product shots that will engage your social media followers.

We revitalize brands' online presence by showing consumers content that is relevant, dynamic and engaging.

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