Monthly Photo + Video Subscription

Prices start at:

$2,349.00 / month

Receive photos and videos delivered monthly and keep your content fresh.

Included Models: Pricing includes one full body model for the photoshoot, and one full body model for the video shoot. You can choose different models for each.

Photos: Each month you will receive a survey to complete for us to align on your creative vision. You will be able to choose your mix of E-Commerce, Lifestyle, Flatlay, Group, or Seasonal photo products.

Videos: Our Social Lifestyle Videos include 1 full body model, 4 clips, end card, and music.. As you complete your monthly survey, you will be able to tell us exactly what you want to see in your Social Lifestyle Video(s). Vides are up to 15 sec long and are the perfect way to increase engagement and optimize social media algorithms, helping your brand get discovered and grow.

Subscription Services Chart Breaking Down Different Costs


Monthly Social Media Activation:

In need of more monthly support? We will use the content we create for you each month and build a 15 or 30 day social media feed with our Social Media Feed Compilation Add On. Layer with the Social Media Caption Writing Add On to have you social feeds completely flushed out a month in advance.

Want us to publish the feed for you? Add the Social Media Scheduling Add On and we will ensure your social media presence is consistently active.

Want to leverage the network of social media influencers each month? The Social Media Influencers Add On is a great way to get the word out on your brand. We custom source influencers who are the best fit for your brand.