A new way to approach men's health

The run down:

Indygo was approached to give a Rx brand an identity unlike the competition. Current Rx brands for men’s health products contain minimal personality. Our client wanted something to get the distance from the competition and innovate how patients receive their medications. Indygo branded the Rx, Rugiet and built a telemedicine site where patients could get their treatments online and delivered direct to their door.

Rugiet - A Digital Health Clinic for Men

Indygo named the brand Rugiet Men. Rugiet means Roar in Latin. The goal is to build an aspirational lifestyle brand around men’s health prescriptions. Erasing the stigma around erectile dysfunction while positioning Rugiet as a leader in direct-to-consumer telemedicine.

Logo Creation

For Rugiet, we created a logo which would hold up on a luxurious package design. We thought, “If James Bond had, ED which Rx brand would he reach for?”

Black and White Color Palette

Package Design

Sleek. Sophisticated. Not your everyday ED brand. Gold Foil Accents and Matte Black against a spot UV logo.

Creative Direction

Luxurious, aspirational lifestyle featuring intimate moments with a gentleman’s flare.


Rugiet called for high quality product and lifestyle shots with talent to be used across digital marketing including website and social. Indygo shoots every month ensuring content is always fresh.

Website Design

Indygo designed the LegitScript certified telemedicine site for Rugiet Men. All photography, graphics and video were created by Indygo.



On-Going Management