Salt Athletic

Launching an Innovative Athletic Brand

The run down:

Salt Athletic connected with Indygo to launch their product, the Aērcase, a high tech cleat bag. The Aērcase features patent pending technology that kills viruses, bacteria, and fungus while eliminating odors. 

A high tech bag for your cleats

One of the first things we tackled for this client was creative direction. We wanted to showcase the brand in a way which connected with their audience while highlighting the unique product benefits.

Studio Shoots

Every brand needs some studio shots where their products can shine. Especially for e-commerce, we wanted to provide our start up client with some shots to elevate their e-commerce store and also for social media use.

Lifestyle Photography

We wanted to hold a photoshoot in an iconic green space, so we chose Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. With a diverse cast of talent, we shot at golden hour. This single shoot landed our budget conscious client enough content to build the website and get our clients social media going.

Zilker Park, Austin Texas

Logo Recognition

Start up clients sometimes have to resort to using stock photography to supplement their content. We wanted to provide our client with stock photos which were branded with their logo- to make them custom for the brand. It’s important to be resourceful when running a start up and launching a brand. Indygo helps our clients find solutions while making their brand stand out.