A luxury skincare brand is born

The run down:

A product with no identity, but clinical level ingredients proven to help reduce the formation of scars, was brought to Indygo. This product had the recipe for success (by being effective) but first needed an identity. The Indygo team led the client from creative direction to launching the product in the USA. from naming, colors, package design, and overall creative direction. Explore the ways in which Indygo brought Svedana to life.

Svedana - a brand you can trust.

Indygo not only named the brand Svedana, but also the product name, Scar Defense. This product needed to be trusted by consumers to help them reduce the formation of scars, so Indygo decided up PRXi + EGCg, a short way to highlight the main active ingredients- Pracaxi Tree Oil and EGCg, the active ingredient in Green Tea. 

Logo Creation

For Svedana, we wanted something minimal, on trend and modern. 

Soothing Color Palette

Svedana colors evoke the feeling of being at a high end spa, or relaxing at an island resort.

Package Design

We wanted to design the packaging for Svedana, paying homage to the minimal trends scene in skincare, while also portraying a clinical feel for the brand- which was important given the quality of ingredients used in the product.

Creative Direction

Svedana is a conversation between ourselves and nature.  Natural elements infused with graceful smiles.


Svedana called for high quality product shots to be used across digital marketing including website and social. Indygo shoots every month ensuring content is always fresh.

Website Design

Indygo designed the ecommerce site for Svedana. All photography and graphics were created in house.


On-Going Management