Welcome to the team, Tina Bozsik!

Tina Louise Bozsik is a Graphic Designer and Visual Communicator. A current resident of the fine city of Austin, TX, Tina enters the field of Graphic Design with numerous years of experience working in museums and cultural institutions around the world. In 2018, she received a certificate in Graphic and Digital Design from Parsons School of Design and believes going back to school to follow her passion was the best decision she has ever made. Her mission in life is never to stop learning and is excited to put her design skills and love for social media to good use, while working with the incredible clientele at Indygo Marketing- a fast growing marketing agency based out of Austin, Texas.

Content Creator and Social Media Specialist

Tina joins the team in a crucial role with Indygo Marketing- as Content Creator and Social Media Strategist. Content is essential to any good marketing strategy, especially as more and more brands focus on social media to drive awareness. Tina will work on Indygo Marketing client accounts, producing engaging and dynamic content for social media, web and e-commerce. Tina comes to Indygo Marketing with a keen eye for good design and spot on instincts with social media strategy. 

Indygo Marketing's Explosive Growth

As Indygo Marketing prepares for the end of Q1, client growth and acquisition is at an all time high. Tina Bozsik is an essential hire to continue to provide the clients of Indygo Marketing with the high quality services they deserve. 

With gratitude and excitement for her talent, we welcome Tina Bozsik to the team.

Image Courtesy of Zoe Fay-Stindt.

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