We're a group of brand strategists based in lovely Bend, Oregon

Our Objective

Indygo was founded in 2018, focused on helping emerging brands find their unique voice and reach new audiences. We believe behind every brand is a lifestyle and a culture. We craft campaigns in a way that authentically connects with your audience’s lifestyle. Authentic connections establish brand loyalty with your consumer base and generate positive word of mouth advocacy.

Our Values

1. Innovation

Every month, we review our work, from content creation to activation. We analyze our successes and debrief what didn’t work. This allows us to create a pathway going forward and continuously refine our marketing efforts. We attend trainings and conferences to ensure we are up to date with the latest trends in digital marketing as the digital landscape is consistently changing.

2. Transparency

We provide our clients with 24/7 access to their data through our data visualization platform. By equipping clients with access to their results in real time, there is nothing to hide. Our clients know if what we are doing is working or not. There are no opportunities to manipulate the data and make it seem like we’re more successful than we are. This also allows us to stay close to activation and make any need adjustments quickly. We’re upfront with our clients about expectations and results.

3. Positivity

We like to celebrate wins, and ideally with our clients. It’s important to acknowledge achievements in a high production environment. In order to keep our team positive and engaged, we like to honor our weekends and enjoy beautiful Central Oregon. From happy hours, team lunches and hikes – we find we can produce the best work when we’re balancing work/life and celebrating wins whenever we can. This energy allows us to stay creative, fresh and ready week to week.

Our Team

Ann Klaybor

Chief Executive Officer

Ann led marketing departments and oversaw major campaigns for over 15 years before starting Indygo Marketing in 2018. During her career, Ann played a critical role in developing brand strategy for top brands including Red Bull, the Coca-Cola Company, Cellucor C4, Scivation, FitJoy Protein Bars, SkinnyPop Popcorn, PAQUI Tortilla Chips, Subaru and more. Ann employs the tactics and high standards of operations she developed leading world class marketing teams towards Indygo’s clients and partners. 

Jessi Daly

Digital Brand Manager

Our brand manager, Jessi works closely with brands to increase their sales, conversions, social engagement, guide their creative direction, and more. Jessi has helped advance brands such as EcoVibe Home & Apparel, 10 Barrel Brewing Co., HYDAWAY, Brandy Melville, and Greystar, to name just a few. Jessi specializes in brand strategy, creative direction, project management, and as a publish writer – copywriting. She draws inspiration from staying up-to-date with the advertising and design world around her. 

Maria Blasini

Creative Director

As Creative Director, Maria works to lead creative teams that operate at the intersection of design and culture in order to deliver transformational, impactful and thoughtful work to clients from all industries. Maria’s focus lies in brand identity and packaging, digital design and motion graphics. She has helped build brands from the ground up as well as improving existing brands with new and fresh art direction. She has developed brand identities for Emmy winner productions while working at Caracol Television, created customized designs for The Portland Timbers, and graphics featured in leading platforms such as Netflix and YouTube, to name just a few experiences. Coming from a different cultural background, Maria has learned how to draw inspiration from many scenarios physically and emotionally, which combined with her production skills results in successful and attractive work designed specifically for brands hungry for growth.

Nick Tilley

Website Designer + Photographer

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