Why you should use Enhanced Brand Content feature on Amazon

Enhanced Brand Content is a premium content feature available to Brand Registered Sellers on Amazon. Adding EBC will improve your conversion rate and increase engagement with your Amazon listings. 

What is Enhanced Brand Content?

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is a premium content feature that allows sellers to modify a product description field of their branded ASINs with enhanced images and text.

Essentially, Enhanced Brand Content gives your page a visual flare. You can use EBC for storytelling and give your brand more personality. Amazon gives you some templates to choose from so you can infuse more visuals into your Amazon listings.

Step One: Navigate to "Enhanced Brand Content" from Seller Central

Log into Seller Central and you will quickly find Enhanced Brand Content under “Advertising”.

Click on the drop down menu option "Enhanced Brand Content" to begin the process of adding EBC to your listings.

Log into Seller Central and you will quickly find Enhanced Brand Content under “Advertising”. After you enter your SKU to get started, you will be prompted to choose a template.

Step Two: Choose a Template

Choose the template that best fits the content that you want to use for your listing. Don’t worry, you can always go back and change the template if you choose one you don’t like.

Step Three: Enter your Content

Before you get to this step, I recommend spending some time optimizing your keywords and infusing it into your content. Also, make sure you are abiding by Amazon’s content rules or you will see an error message like this one:

If you get this error message, simply go back and make the requested changes. Get a good mix of content with your listing strategy:

  • Lifestyle Imagery
  • Close ups of the Products including shots of the product ingredients label
  • Product being used, worn, enjoyed by a consumer, etc.


Step Four: Submit for Review

Amazon typically takes 1-2 days to review your EBC. If you need to re-submit, Amazon will send you an email listing out the changes you need to make to the content. In general, do not make any mentions about satisfaction guarantees, return information, warrantees, etc. Prices are also not allow in the content, so be sure to remove and content related to discounts, promos, etc.

Step Five: Monitor the Results

Watch your results closely over the next two weeks. Check any percentage increases in sales and also monitor your conversation rates for any changes. It would be safe to assume any increases over the next two weeks (Without any other marketing or changes to the listing) can be attributed to updated the content with EBC.

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EBC Examples:

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